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Can you please review my motivation letter please? This is very important for the admission..

Dear Sir/Madam
With this letter I would like to show my interest for the English speaking study programme in the field of Hospitality Management at the International University of Applied Sciences in France.
On the 9th of januar 1993, I, Ivan Shamarin was born in Moscow, Russia where I had been living till I was 12 years whereupon moved to Spain. There the question of my future life crossed my mind for the first time. I had gone through many occupations and found that I really enjoy communicate with people and I receive a great pleasure from doing it.
Primarily, in choosing my future profession, I was guided by preferences and gut feelings
My granny taught Hospitality Management for a couple of years in Moscow. Also my mum has been working for a long period of time in travel agency.
More or less having decided on my future, I read an interesting book , which was advised for me by my sister ,who is finishing the college) at yours University. The book was called “Introduction to Hospitality” written by John Walker. After reading this book somewhere I convinced in my views about this profession and found some very important tips for myself.
• Hospitality Industry consists of broad category of fields within the service industry and has a lot of similarities to tourism industry.
• You have unlimited possibilities to climb the career ladder working in sphere of Hospitality what is very important statement form me.
• Hospitality Industry gaining the market and become one of the most demanding spheres in services industry.
So then I was sure for hundred percent that this is that job I want to be involved in my future and it served my moving to France. Last school year I also studied there. Reason to move from Spain to Frabce was very simple. I had to improve my English, German and Math knowledge and during the year I attended English and France intensive courses.
Now I have First Certificate in English and A2 level of spoken France.
You might have one more question why I together with my parents decided on France.
• France is one of the world’s largest economic players.
• The standard of higher education in France is first rate.
• Many institutions of higher education give students the opportunity to do internship which can increase students’ career prospects.
• Attractive living environment due to a high level of perceived safety
Choosing university in France our views foremost were based on having English language as a main one but also with studying France .University, which will help me to implement my aims and to make my professional dreams become true within perfectly made high educational system and my great desire. The less but not the least important fact that university in France of Applied Sciences gives ability to enter Campus as a preliminary year before the University.
In a conclusion, I hope the this university can be the best place for me to make my start into the future life.
Thank you for considering my motivation letter.
Yours sincerely,