Dead Ringers Evaluation
Elliot and Beverly Mantle (Jeremy Irons) are both gynecologists and identical twins. They are at the top of their class and very successful in their practice. The Mantle twins are physically identical in every way possible. The mental states of the twins, on the other hand, seem to differ in some ways. Elliot, for example, is more aggressive and less timid than Beverly. Elliot also acts very promiscuously towards his patients. Since the two twins are identical they use this to their advantage. Once Elliot is through having his sexual pleasures with his female patients he allows his brother to step in and have his way with them. The patients have no idea that the brothers have switched places. This turns into a problem when Beverly falls in love with the famous actress Claire Niveau (Genevieve Bujold). Even though the situations in Dead Ringers seem to be unrealistic, the film, written by Norman Snider and directed by David Cronenberg, successfully portrays the emotions of twins and separation. It also tells of the neurological and mental illness issues that come with being a twin.
Most of the time, Dead Ringers seems unrealistic because of the circumstances the twins are put into. The film takes being a twin to a whole other level. For example they are both thirty-eight, both successful gynecologists, and they both live together. This is just putting the term “twin” to new extremes. When people think of twins, they think of two siblings doing everything together and looking just alike. They also think of them growing up and eventually separating and getting married, leading separate lives. This is not the case in this film. In the movie Elliot states to his brother, “Bev, you haven't done anything until I've done it too.” This shows the relationship of the twins and how they are so dependent to each other. In reality, one has control over his or her own self, but this movie seems to over step the boundaries of reality. Another example from the film was when Beverly was depressed and started abusing drugs when he thought his lover, Claire, was cheating on him. Beverly said, “You'll take an up so I won't take a down. This is crazy!” Again this shows how the two brothers fictionally, are one. The film seems to over analyze the dependency of being a twin by ignoring the fact that they are still individuals.