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Thread: gramma help.

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    gramma help.

    I Hope someone have the time to correct some of my gramma mistakes. It would really help me out.

    More and more people in China wear the same clothes as we do in European countries, as they are becoming more sophisticated consumers. Those have opened up the opportunity for European companies to sell on a market that develops into a culture which pattern of consumption is beginning to look more like European culture.

    The country
    China is a large country with a population on about 1.3 billion inhabitants. China has been through a globalization were people from all over the country have moved into the big cities. They have changed their life as peasant to jobs in industry, birth by the industrialism. The development has changed china into one of the world largest economies and biggest trading nations. The great economic situation affect peoples consumer power, which increase with 7-8% annually. Increase results in a much larger spending power which will benefit European companies.
    A new development from planned economy to market economy has changed the culture because of the economic freedom it has resulted in. Higher payments and improved prosperity is a result of the new Chinese financial politic.

    Growth possibilities
    Nothing calls attention to a stop in the economic growth. Consumer power is in a steep growth and the middle class increase with 100 million consumers every year. In line with the western marked culture that has flourish the demand for western articles is large. That is also why the Danish export is on the same steep growth as the rest of the Chinese economy.

    China gives many competitive advantages compared to eastern countries. They can offer a low rent thanks to a government that supports tradesmen, salary is low, properties is low and much inventory is produced in China to a cheap price. Cost by opening a store is therefore relative cheap.

    Business culture
    Even though western countries mark the culture in China there are still rules that need to be followed if companies want to succeed on the Chinese market.
    Chinese people like to live in harmony and due to that they donít like conflicts. A white lie is therefore regarded as acceptable among Chinese, because they on that way keep harmony. They do not like to lose face, so if you arenít satisfied with their performance and want to reprimand one donít do it in front of others but privately. Patience is crucial when you deal with Chinese. On a business meeting you must expect a lot of small breaks where Chinese need to talk to their bosses to get clearance. Losing temper and arrogant behavior should also be avoided. A Chinese blanket term for above is Mianxi and an important way to create this is through gifts, which could be something from your country.

    Fundamental glue that has held society together in China is the concept Guanxi, the relations between people. Personal relations are very important if you want to make business in China. Chinese do not like to do business with strangers, and will make frequent use of go betweens. You should therefore not be surprised when asked personal questions regarding age, marital status, family, income, etc. This is done to seek common ground. Importance of creating a good network must not be underestimated. Local business partners can be a great assistance in identifying distributors and retailers, offer local knowledge, market research etc.

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    Re: gramma help.

    that develops into a culture which pattern of consumption -that is devloping/has developed into a cutlure in which the patterns of comsumption are...
    a population on about 1.3 billion inhabitants- population of (I'd also remove inhabitants- you've said that with 'population')
    They have changed their life as peasant to jobs in industry, birth by the industrialism.- They have changed from an agrarian society to an industrialised one (??)
    affect peoples consumer power- affects people's spending power
    Increase results- This increase results in
    planned economy to market economy- a planned economy to a market economy
    new Chinese financial politic- plicies
    Nothing calls attention to a- Nothing points towards a ...
    is in a steep growth- is growing sharply
    why the Danish export is- why exports to Denmark are ??
    salary is low, properties is low- salaries are low, property is cheap
    succeed on- in
    they on that way keep- they, in this way, maintain
    reprimand one- someone
    On a business meeting- In
    Fundamental glue- the
    the concept Guanxi- concept of
    go betweens- go-betweens
    Importance of creating- the importance
    offer local - offering

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    Re: gramma help.

    thank you very much..

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