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    please correct this

    I want to make a request letter to my manager for salary increment- please see below

    I have been working in ...... for the last five years and during this period I have discharged my duties to the best of my ability. However, you are definitely aware that I am receiving only USD... salary, which is insufficient to meet both ends since the price of the commodities today are very high in .... If this situation persists, I shall not be able to continue my employment with this low salary.

    Therefore, I am requesting you to kindly review and hike my salary or provide special allowance since I am not claiming housing allowance to facilitate and aid in the expenses of my family.

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    Re: please correct this

    What you say in this type of letter depends very much on the culture in which you and your employer are working. If you and your employer are both Indian, then please ignore my suggestion below, which is very much BrE in style. It might well be inappropriate for an Indian environment.

    During the five years in which I have been working for XXX, my salary has remained the same. However, the cost of living has risen during that period, and the purchasing power of my salary has fallen.

    I would therefore ask you to review my salary with a view to increasing it in line with the increase in the cost of living.

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