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    Question about the word "open"

    Hi all:

    I can't never understand how to use the word "open". I sometimes see the word in present tense and sometimes in past tense. Can someone tell me what the difference is when using "open" and "opened"? Is it because sometimes it's used as a verb and sometimes it's used as an adjective?

    For example:

    He left the top opened. (Can I use "open"?
    The door is open. (Why can't I say "The door is opened"?)

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    Re: Question about the word "open"

    Suppose the door is open, and he walks through without touching it: he leaves it open. ('Opened' would be unusual here.)

    Suppose the door is closed. He opens it and walks though, leaving it opened. (Here you could also ase 'open').

    That's how I hear it. Othes may hear it differently... They don't carry all the same implications, but often the difference in implications is unimportant. 'Open' is an adjective (in this case). 'Opened' is a verbal adjective - also known as a 'past participle'.


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