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    Need clarification- the use of " the "

    Dear teachers,

    I'm a student who is learning English at an Intermediate Level.I have come across many English structures in many English newspapers ( in the U.K.US.Australia,etc) about the inconsistent usage of "the" in the following sentences :

    (1) Smith was admitted to the Adelaide Hospital to receive
    further treatment. In this sentence, can we do away
    with " the" since this person ( Smith ) is a patient, unless
    he ( Smith ) is a visitor to the hospital. Many English newspapers retain "the" in ther reports.
    ( 2) She is the owner and the director of this company. Is this sentence correct ? Will my sentence correct if I were to delete the second
    "the" ( the director) ?

    I would appreciate any comment or correction from English teacher.
    Thanks .

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    Re: Need clarification- the use of " the "

    1)- with the names of hispitals, we generally use the definite article. You can omit when you say 'Smith was admitted to hospital'

    2)- You can delete the second article there IMO.

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