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    Give a head(s) up grammar

    Hi all,

    Why '' Give a heads up " idiom uses pural form of heads after following "a" ?

    Why not "Give a head up" ?

    I know the meaning, I just want to know the grammar of this idiom

    Many thanks

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    Re: Give a head(s) up grammar

    Not a teacher.
    "Heads-up" is a singular noun. The indefinite article refers to the noun as a whole: "a heads-up".
    I guess the phrase 'heads up!" was originally used to warn people about something or make them pay attention to something - indeed, one should hold their head up so as to be able to see what's going on.
    Here's some information about the origin: Heads up

    Now I'm wondering if the plural form is ever used and which is it - 'heads-up" or "heads-ups"?

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