I wrote a letter to lawyer

Hi Todd,
Following our negotiations I have outlined the main questions that we discussed during the meeting.
We have negotiation concerning the Purchase and license agreements with Digital Globe and Informap.
Between Informap and Digital concluded Purchase and License Agreements, In accordance of this agreements Digital Globe grants to Informap and Infromap affiliates and Subcontractors a rights and License to use Digital globe products. During the contractual relationship parties many times amend and change agreement. Finally the previous agreements mixed up and contractual relationships required to put in appropriate order.

Main issue here is the price. Informap does not have interest to make a new agreement with Digital Globe if the price will be the same as it was in the previous agreement. –[P.A.2] remain a same prices for, been in previous agreements, - in this case Informap has not an interest to conclude new agreement with Digital globe.
Another cause that new agreement conclusion take longer time.

Concerning following facts Main Informap and Sistema’s targets here

- sort out agreements, Termsheets , Amendments,
- insure Parties (IMP and DigitalGlobe) intellectual rights
- use DigitalGlobe production according to the law (keep within the law)? Avoid any legal risk to breach the IP law.

In accordance with before mentioned facts and negotiations I outline our questions (issues) .

1. Which of Previous agreements regulate or controlled prices or pricing?
2. Whether we can make amendments to the agreement regarding the price.
3. In which form should we make the new agreement (except new Agreement)[P.A.5]
4. Which law will govern the new Agreement (additional agreement or another appropriate amendments). Now according to the draft of the new Agreement it should the Laws of the State of Delaware.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further information .