I'm very grateful for all your help. Check another email please.

Task: Imagine that you have tried either the wet zorb or the dry zorb. Write a short e-mail to a friend telling them what it was like and how you felt.

An email.

Dear Polly,

How are you? I hope youíre OK. I havenít heard from you for a while.

Iím writing to tell you about one of the most exciting activities Iíve ever tried! Itís called zorbing. You can google it to learn more about it.

Anyway, I tried a dry zorb last Friday. It was fantastic! At first, I was very frightened because I thought I could break something. But then I realized I was strapped into the harness and tried to relax and enjoy the process. I was zorbing down the hill at such a high speed. It was unbelievable! You should definitely try it! I know youíre a risk-seeker so I have no doubt youíll like it.

Give me a call if you decide to try zorbing. I will tell you where and when you can do it.

Best wishes,