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    Question passages....????

    hi all....

    ineed help about how to solve passages....imean the diff. vocabs..+ the complicatdd real problem tht aftr iread the passage igot its idea..& began 2solve very well but wn icheck my answers almost got bad scores...plz help me ...before my next sat exam.....i`ll b so thankful...


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    Re: passages....????

    Questions are there to test your understanding, so they use various techniques. In multiple choice questions, for example, they often use information that is half right or close to the text, but that is not enough. They can use words from the text in wrong answers, which tests whether students are reading carefully, or using recognition instead of comprehension. They offer choices that are logical and correct, but dso not reflect the content of the text.

    I would also suggest that you practise writing ordinary English, not using the abbreviations, etc, that you use here. If you get used to using ordinary English, you'll probably find that you comprehension improves too.

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    Talking Re: passages....????


    thank you so much for offering time to help me....i will keep your advice & iwill use ordinary english better than the way iam using to write with....also iwill contact you whenever it works....thanks again

    all the best,

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