So This is assessed , basically I had to write a review about Geography lessons in my school.My first language is Indonesian and not English so there will be a bunch of mistakes. Here it goes:

Geography in AKISBS have recently improved. By the way it is taught , explained and lesson timings. The teachers that have been teaching Geography such as Mr C Krnic and Mr O Picton , have been teaching the subject very well. The reason for this is that students can comprehend what the teacher has explained to them and can retell the explanation. I believe that if Geography structures itís ways in AKISBS , more students will be able to favour Geography and makeit a life worthy subject.
What the teachers have been teaching us in Geography is the world biomes and how to keep them safe. In my opinion, the world biomes are actually quite important to learn as it is how the world is divided in many different regions. I consider myself having an importance for the world biomes because of that. In general, they did the teaching quite well and I have understood how each and every biome literally works. Despite the teachers have made minor errors on setting tasks, the whole subject seems to have really worked out.
The next thing I wanted to talk about is improvements to be made to the lesson. First ofall , I would like to point out that 4 LESSONS is not working out for most students. If 4 lessons is the just Geography , students will eventually become bored and uninspired by the subject. By having 4 lessons, at least let students have some fun during the lessons. Otherwise , students will not be able to understand and will be obtaining a level that is below the teachers expectation. The next improvement that can be made is about the subject itself. Iíve seen in Geography that they donít only teach Geography , but science is also incorporated with it. To tell the truth , I donít like the idea because Science is seperated and natural sciences can also be seperated ,so why mix geography with science ?
The last thing I want to positively talk about is how the assessment are being held. As of right now, I am doing an assessment and this can be useful to understand our Geographical Writing. The geography assessment this term were making a poster to present to the class , essay writing and leaflet writing. Posters and leafletscan make assessment more fun which Geography needs to have . So basically , these types of assessment is a wonderful addition to the subject.