Every generation of people is different in important ways. How is your generation different from your parents' generation? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

The difference between generations has attracted social concern. And the social is being concentrated in our generation different from our parents’ generation. In my perspective, the difference is technology, education and the opinion about a problem. My essay is aimed at thoroughly discussing the above ones.
First and foremost, in the light of technological development, human life has been changed quickly. And it is play a role in the difference between the two generations. For instance, with the appearance of computer in my generation, it makes everyone work efficiency and rapidly. With parents’ generation, the computer is strange and they are too old to learn how to use the computer, and instead of working with computer, they work with hands. Needless to say, the technology has changed the way of working.

At the second analysis, in my generation was got good education. My parents didn’t get good condition in the education. In back then, Vietnam is country which has many difficult in citizen’s life. For example, in father’s childhood, instead of going to school, my father has to help family earn money in order to family’s life more than better. More importantly, because of poor condition in the education, it makes my parents no longer contact with modern ideas and profound influence to their think about human life. Indeed, the second reason is education.

Last but not least, the opinion about a problem is significant point different from two generations. For instance, when i graduated, the parents claim that should not learn to take certificate of doctor. Mean while, almost of my generation say that i should. Without doubt, I think that the opinion between two generations have basically differential points.

In conclusion, for all the mentioned reasons above, not only technology, education but also opinion is persuasive reasons for the difference between each generation.

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