Shopping is dangerous because it makes people selfish and careless with money.
Do you agree or disagree?
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Nowadays, shopping has become affordable for everyone. Some people claim that shopping could be lead to selfishness among people as well as reckless use of money. There are several arguments for and against this idea. Some of them are as follows:

Supporters of this idea argue that shopping centers tempts people spend their money for unnecessary things. For instance, Offering discounts by department stores encourage people to purchase many goods without considering their needs. Another justification they mention is that every year a big amount of money is spent by people for shopping which are almost non-essential. However, the money could be spent for helping poor people. To illustrate, there are many rich people who always buy more and more houses, cars and furniture just for their pleasure but no worry about poor people.

On the other hand, people who are against this idea hold this opinion that these days, shopping makes our life more convenient. For example, these days, people can purchase their needs by the Internet easily. Other reason they would probably put forward is that shopping could be considered as an entertaining activity. In particular, the majority of shopping centers provide many facilities such as restaurants or cinema which attract people to go there not only for shopping but also for entertainment.

In conclusion, I personally believe that both views discussed should be taken into consideration. In my opinion shopping could be beneficial for people provided that people do not spend their money to buy some things which are not needful.