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    Post 'Have '

    I have an assignement due in and one of the areas concerns ' have'. I am finding this very difficult. The questions are like

    She has a new car
    He's having lunch
    She's cut her finger
    He has his hair cut at Tony's
    Do you have any brothers and sisters?
    I dont have to get up early tomorrow.

    As well as having to analyse the sentences, we have to think of difficulties students may have in pronouncing the 'have' in each sentence, I can only see a problem with the 'h' sound but I can't think of any others, If anyone can help I would be very happy :)

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    Re: 'Have '

    Can you replace HAVE in these sentences with any other verbs without significantly changing the meaning? If so, what verbs have you used? What does this tell you about HAVE in each sentence?

    Is 'has' pronounced in exactly the same way in the first four sentences? If not, what are the different ways in which it is pronounced?

    Is 'have' pronounced exactly the same way in the last two sentences?


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