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Thread: color magic

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    color magic


    The stained glass of the Tiffany lamp charges the light from the lamp with color magic.

    Does "color magic" mean the same as "magical colors"?

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    Re: color magic

    The Tiffany lamp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is made of stained glass. Light inside the shade starts out as some sort of white. As it passes through the shade it is charged (=loaded) with colour (it's not really, but that's the way the metaphor has it). As the viewer moves, the colours change. That could be described as 'colour magic'. You could say 'magical colours', but I don't think it expresses the idea so well,as what changes is more than just 1:1 (red turns to blue, etc) but kaleidoscopic (like you get with a Kaleidoscope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).


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