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    Graffiti Argument - Correct my mistakes please ?

    My first language is Indonesian , so my English won't be as good as a native speaker.
    Can anyone correct my mistakes on my first and second paragraph of my Graffiti Argument
    Here it goes :

    Graffiti , as everyone knows is an act of vandalism. Everyone also knows that vandalism is a criminal offence. Graffiti is widely known around the world and people have been arguing that either graffiti is a good thing as it expresses people's feelings, and some argues that Graffiti is bad and should be banned as it ruins the view of an area.

    I have to argue that I am supporting the people who says that Graffiti is bad. My reason for this is because it does ruin the view of an area and it makes the place looks messier than it is without the Graffiti. Also , it is hard to clean the Graffiti off the walls. It will be unfair for those who have to clean the graffiti, as it might take them hours and hours to clean it.
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