Can anybody point out the mistakes in the following text. Thanks in advance.


Future Planning

God has bestowed human being common sense and intelligence. Intelligence is the backbone of a person’s thought and vision. Vision has given the person power to look into the future. Every person wants his position to be better in the future. We could not get better position in our future without having proper planning. Planning is the course of actions that we need to take in order to achieve our targeted goals.

In order to place us in the best position in the future, first we have to understand where we stand now and where we are planning to go. We don’t need to devise or formulate a formal plan. Of course we can chalk out our aims and goals in our mind. Once we know where we stand then it would be better for us to analyze our strength and opportunity. It would be better to have short term and long term strategy to achieve your future goals.

My future plan is to relocate in any developed country. I have already explored the various options which I have according to my experience and education. Based on my experience and education I think that Australia would be the most suitable country for me to migrate. In order to pursue my future planning as a short term strategy I started to develop Basic English language skills. In long term I need to have some professional education from Australian recognized tertiary universities. The other things which I need to know are the cost of living and job opportunities. I have already done a lot of research on them mainly by interacting from the people live in Australia by use of the internet.

The aim of relocating to developing countries is to improve the standard of living not only of myself but of my whole family. Besides this getting there you would be in a better position to exploit the window of opportunity once you have their tertiary university degree. Though some people would be surprised to know the dream of my relocation to Australia as my future plan, but I firmly believe that currently there is nothing more important for me than that. May Allah help me achieve my endeavor. Amen!