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The Person I Love Most/ Like Most

Man is a social animal, we love to live in society and found comfort in our family. It gives us ease and mental satisfaction to live among people to whom we know. It is our nature like or dislike people among whom we live. There are lots of people to whom we love or hate.

I categorized three types of people to whom normally a person can love. The first type of persons are whom we love because of our natural relationship with them for instance our mother, father, daughter, son, wife, brother etc. The second type of peoples is those to whom we like because of their qualities for example we may like our mentor because the way he teaches us, we like the leader because the way he leads the nation in difficult situations, we like the scientist because the way his invention contribution to the society and so on. The third type of person to whom we love is the opposite gender. Yes this is the most widespread type of love that we can see nowadays present in most of the people. There is no age limit for having this sort of love we can see it from youngster to older ones.
I will discuss here the person to I love most or I like most. This is the person whose work or invention has reshaped our lives. This is the man for whom American President Mr. Obama appraised as “Bold enough to think differently, brave enough to believe that he could change the world and talented enough to do that”. Yes, you could easily recognize him that was deceased Steve Jobs – The former Chief Executive Officer of the Apple Corporation.

His nature, vision and enthusiasm have reshaped our life. Most of us are using computers, touch screen smart phones, and touch screen tablets. We are very familiar with the computer by the advent of Graphical User Interface, easily recognize computer file in the shape of icons, maven at using computer mouse; these all things have his fingerprints. He was the man behind this entire thing, this was his vision that now peoples are frenzy in using touchscreen smartphones, listening music using an Ipod. His invention of Iphone and iPod now set the standard of many things in the industry.

In conclusion, I would like to state that without him we could not see the exciting things which we are now addicted to. Truly he is the man who not only made his Company the world largest in terms of market capitalization but also gave the customer more than their expectations.