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We live in the era of information. There is lots of information available in different channels such as print and electronic media and the World Wide Web. All the medium of information have their own merit and demerit, but the print media in the form of newspaper have very deep roots in our society and it is one of the oldest mediums of spreading information.

Here we will discuss why it being widely used in the developing as well as developed countries despite the availability of various mediums of communication. In my opinion, the first reason is that it is available easily and cheaply as compared to other form of information. For example information is easily available by means of television but in order to utilize this you need first to purchase the television set that required hefty amount of the fund then in order to use that we need to pay cable fee and have a continuous supply of electricity. The same is the case with the personal computer if we want to use the World Wide Web. Although radio can give it a tough time as getting information through radio is very cheap but once you missed any news program you could not able to hear that again. The problem with radio is that information is not available at your wish.

The newspaper provides information in details. You could use printed information later by retrieving it. It also develops reading habits which enlighten our mind. It also covers a variety of issues and topics regularly which keep abreast the reader with current affairs of local as well international.

In conclusion in this era of information technology, the print media still have sound impact and deeper roots in the society and educated people still like it as compared to any other media and it is hoped that in future it will continue its deep impact on society.