would you please rate me this essay. i am preparing for my toefl exam.

Agree because 1. Psychological: self confident, motivation
2. professional: better future, higher slaries, prestigious work, scholar ship opportunities.
3. social: socially approved, better parental relation

The issue at hand is whether grades encourage students to learn or not. This issue is easy because it was approved that when students get high grades they compete themselves to keep this success for long. And personally, I agree with this statement for the following reasons.

First, getting high grades have a positive psychological effect on students, once they feel the success they had achieved, this gives them self-confidence and motivation to pull themselves together and work very hard. For example: when I was in high school, I got two As in math and chemistry in the first year, and Bs in the other three subjects. That gave me a thought that I could be a very intelligent person. Second year, I got an A* in the more advanced level in math and As in the other subjects.

Second, students who get high grades helps them professionally, this gave them opportunities for scholarships to study in the best universities. That will help students to put themselves in perspective and think what will they do in future. For example: having high grades can guarantee better future of prestigious work, higher salaries and better position in society.

Third, in order to be socially approved, you have to be unique. Getting high grades given the opportunity to “ shine”. For example: when I got very high grades in high school, I was very popular in school. Also, my parents appreciated my effort and they got me a new car.

To conclude, because getting high grades is a very important thing for the reasons I have stated above, it’s not an easy thing to achieve. But it’s not impossible as well if you work on yourself very hard and believe in your abilities.