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    Re: open or opened? welcome or welcomed?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mridula Rao View Post
    Thank you so much for the clarification.
    I suddenly had a doubt in the usage of 'open' or 'opened', in a sentence like "at which the bank accounts are yet to be open". I have used 'open'. Hope that is correct.
    "At which the bank accounts are yet to be open" is not a sentence.
    However, it requires "opened". "yet to be" requires the past participle.

    "The bank accounts are not yet opened/open" can take either depending on the meaning. Since they haven't been opened (verb), they aren't yet open (adj).

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    Re: open or opened? welcome or welcomed?

    With some verbs (not all) the past participles can be used as adjectives to describe the state of something or someone:

    I am bored
    I am confused
    The door is closed

    However, there are some exceptions, which are simply exceptions based on what people say. For example, we use the past participle for "closed" but use the base form (of the verb) for "open":

    The door is open.

    Odd...... but an exception.

    If we say:

    The door is opened

    The psychology raises questions, as it sounds like passive voice... "The door is opened by the concierge" and the message can be confusing to the native speaker who has always heard and said:

    The door is open

    Sometimes there is no explanation other than these things can be a simple exception as to the way we talk. In these cases, memorization is the only rule.

    Good luck!

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