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    Post For phd postion

    Cover Letter

    Dear, George Fullen

    I am writing in response to your advertisement for the PhD position in esteemed research group, in I am an enthusiastic student who has completed two master degrees and proficient in both lab and Bioinformatics analysis techniques. I respectfully submit this cover letter, for the advertised position as I believe my knowledge and experience in science make me well qualified to meet the requirements for the interesting research in your research group.
    I believe that dedicating seven years of my life for academic training and accomplishing two master degrees and a bachelor’s degree in life sciences have made me develop strong scientific research and I strongly believe that I could become an effective researcher working in your research group.
    During my academic training for Master’s in biochemistry I have developed strong command on Biochemistry and cell biology and acquired proficiency in analysing proteins, nucleic acids using various techniques mentioned in my CV. Pursuing second Master degree in Molecular biology with bioinformatics I have elaborated my practical and theory knowledge in molecular biology and have gained good experience Genomics and proteomics. During my dissertation for MSc in Molecular Biology with Bioinformatics I have worked on tumour suppressing genes (Cdkn2A and Cdkn2b) provoking Coronary artery disease (CAD), and have tried to find any epigenetic causes for it. During the study I have found out significant homology between the two genes and their proteins thus strengthening the idea of co-regulation of co-repression. Through my project I have developed significant knowledge in cell cycle genes and the pathways involved in cell cycle. Have also found out that the gene ANRIL (non-coding segment of DNA) and CDKN2a have a bi-directional promoter and it along with EuHMT-1 (present at the same location few hundred base pair’s upstream) could cause epigenetic effect in Cdkn2A and Cdkn2b through E2F-1 complex thus may provoke CAD, and concluded suggesting a possible way of epigenetic effect on these genes by ANRIL possibly by micro RNA as many micro-RNA’s have been asserted with CAD provoking function.
    Performing my master project in cyclin-dependent kinases and possessing good knowledge in developmental biology and sequences of events deciding the fate of cell fate I am now enthusiastic to pursue my career in field of developmental biology research. During the course of which I would implement my knowledge in cell cycle mechanisms, molecular biology, bioinformatics and knowledge cell biology acquired through my academics and master’s projects. In addition to my aspirations and academic prowess I have good skills in team work, management, communication, and multi-tasking. Furthermore, I am patient, highly motivated, have great interpersonal skills and can work autonomously with initiative and discretion.
    I welcome an opportunity to discuss further my research interests and aspirations with you. I have enclosed my CV, and the referees mentioned have agreed to send recommendation letters on request. Thank you very much for your consideration.

    Yours Sincerely,
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