Dear Users! Warm greetings from Russia!
I have read many many examples of motivations letters and here is my motivation for a scholarship. I would really appreciate your advice about the subject and time you spend for helpming me to get this scholarship.

Thank you in advance!

Admission office of the
XXX Scholarship
Dear Madam/Sir,
My interest in applying for the XXX Scholarship lies in my personal, educational and professional background, as well as my future career plans. I*obtained*in 2009 a Bachelor's degree with honors*in European and Russian Culture Studies from St. Petersburg State University with a focus on culture of the United Kingdom. I have also focused more specifically on cultural sensitivity and importance of culture in international business, and I have been able to enhance that knowledge during two internships in Italy and Serbia.*Besides studies, I have also taken a leadership position in the world student organization, AIESEC, and actively volunteer at orphanages. I am*a*self-motivated person and keen on personal development through participation in different courses and trainings.
As for my work experience, it has primarily been in the marketing and sales field. I have five years of valuable sales management experience with various private companies in St. Petersburg, including foreign companies. For the past 2 years, I have been employed at large American and Finnish real estate investment companies . My main task has been the development, marketing and sales of purchased premises.**Moreover, my experience in doing research in the real estate market in St.-Petersburg for potential investors brings me knowledge about the main investment companies in the United Kingdom (British Land, Hammerson,*Pulford).
Nowadays, experts are pointing to the Russian property market as a good place for investors to put their capital. I would like to make a significant impact in our countries' cooperation by dealing directly with the search for and attraction of foreign investment funds from the United Kingdom into the real estate market in St. Petersburg because I consider this market as a great possibility for economic growth for both Russia and the United Kingdom. After returning home, I plan to start my own real estate company with a focus on investments from the United Kingdom into commercial and residential premises in St.-Petersburg.
For this purpose, I believe that I lack the theoretical knowledge in Management and Business Strategy that I hope to acquire at universities in the United Kingdom. I believe that the Master's program in International Management and Business Studies in*one of the chosen universities*in the United Kingdom*will help me fill the gaps in Financial Analysis and Organization Theory, as well as give me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the*European way in doing business and make professional connections for my future company in the United Kingdom.*
I hope that studying in the United Kingdom will equip me with necessary managerial skills to advance my career. I strongly believe that*the]*United Kingdom's education system fosters leaders who can do business across time zones, cultures and languages.*I have made the necessary contacts with the universities**I*have chosen to ensure that I am eligible to apply for the academic year 2012.
My high quality academic background, leadership potential and serious intention to develop business in real estate sphere make me a worthy candidate for getting XXX Scholarship from the Government of the United Kingdom.*If accepted, I will add diversity to the international programs, and I will do my best to exceed your expectations. I am confident that I will meet my career and personal goals while getting Master's ? degree in one of the best universities*in the United Kingdom.*
Thank you very much for considering my application. I look forward to your positive response.
Yours faithfully