Topic: There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do we need
music? Is the traditional music of a country more important than the
International music that is heard everywhere nowadays?
Nowadays lots of musical rhythms are popping up everyday. By this it is clear that there is a variety of types involving music in each case. However, what is so special about native and international music and why is it irreplaceable?
Native (or traditional) music represents the culture one country has, it may concerned to be the greater innovation of the native spirit. In the hearing of this kind of music we experienced a travel though time, where our ancestors where lived and fought for our interest, for our freedom (in some cases). We learn about their everyday life, about their difficulties and their traditions. In Greece in particular it isnít rare to hear the process of a wedding or even heroic acts and plans during the Revolution. Each town haw its own legends and myths where they resounded by music.
International music is a compound of regional music. It has lots of rhythms, a variety of topics (even religious ones) that travel around the globe. It is very interesting if you truly analyze the lyrics and a part of the sound, then youíll discover a valuable cultural lesson that is hidden within.
To sum up, music exists for several reason, which cannot be enlisted all. To mention some, there is entertainment and sometimes socialization (parties for example). Also for calm and refresh the human elements (body and mind). According to my opinion, both traditional and International music are essential but, first some one must comprehend and learn from his native kind of music and then continue to understand external music influences.