I am applying for any position related to gas engineering, on subjects like: gas sweetening, dehydration, fractionation, liquid extraction, licuafaction and compression at an international oil&gas company. Hoping of your consideration, i am sending a brief resume of my professional titles and courses which i have done since the bigining of my training on the natural gas and oil world. I would be able to use my technic knowlege about pumps, compressors, turbines, scrubbers, fractionationation towers, stripping towers, absorbers, adsorbers desiccants, valves, among others, as well as a basic understanding of process simulation by Hysys, Aspen plus and Pro/II to operate and solve fails in these sistems.

Willing to move to another country or region, i´m an advance english learner looking forward to improving it and face all the challenges posed by new alternatives of gas and oil industry being creative, curious, responsible, work Committed analytic and right decision-making to develope my fresh skills on the field.

Yours truly