I respectfully request reconsideration for the DCO Supply Officer program is due in part of my broadening experience at the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester. As a person who gravitates toward technology and mathematic; my professional experience as software developer/trader in conjunction with my undergraduate study in computer science had initially steer my focus in the Intelligence or the Information Warfare community. However, as I progressed through the MBA program, I gained a greater perspective of how finance and operational management intertwine with mathematics, namely statistic. As I began to narrow down my academic research in evaluating under-value securities using statistical model, my mental block of synonymously associating mathematic strictly with the intelligence community began to diminish, and since then, I began to review other communities that will best match my qualifications and interests. My finalization to affiliate myself with the Supply Corps is due in part of the time I had during graduate school; the down time allowed me to reflect on my academics interests; what I have always enjoyed has been data analysis and my MBA and my current study in applied mathematics expand my skill sets to yield meaningful regression model from the dataset to reflect real world operation: let it be securities selection supports with financial statement analysis, production model with constrains, or simply determining the validity of an action. Based on my interests and duties associated with Supply Corps, the DCO Supply Officer program will be a better fit for me.