First day at university
I am Happy because of Entered the University,also I become large.
In the same time i am sad because of my freinds do not With me.
I have Schedule from internet ,Also Halls, and their numbers
I went to university in the week Amendment In order to know for halls
Everything It became clear to me
But, i have Concern because of New stage,community,girls,teachers,Teaching method
system,Everything is different from all previous stages on the morning of the first day
Out of the house at 7:10 Reached the university at7:30
First lecture Was at 8:00 i Hall missed.i went to section Ask them to that Taught me
I Tended to hall after that saw Some girls Interviewed The day of application ,also
girls have same my Schedule. I met with them ,
In the lecture We took name a book ,Way of teaching and Way the distribution of grades
We sat in the hall to the end of time, after that We came out of the hall
Moved to the second lecture.Praise be to God Was a day of easy, but my feeling bad because of Strange community