I am composing a letter of motivation but I am pretty much stuck.. I need 500-1000 words for this letter and I've come up with around 450. i would like opinions on this letter if anyone can help me.

I highly appreciate any help, and thank you in advance

here is my letter:

Dear Sir/ Madam
I am writing to apply for the “Liberal Arts and Sciences” program at Maastricht University with confidence that this course will enable me to develop my skills and will provide a foundation for my advancement in my career leading to preparing and qualifying me for any career opportunities and enhance my confidence, understanding and results.

I am a Jordanian citizen and I was born and raised in Jordan; I have lived and studied there my whole life, but I have always thought that I missed the experience of studying and living abroad.
In 2010, I successfully obtained my high school diploma and enrolled into the World Islamic Sciences University in Jordan to study “Finance and Banking Sciences” (I currently started with my second year; 3rd period of this study) where I studied Microeconomics, Statistics, Accounting and several other subjects related to Finance. Having done this, I am interested in a change of direction concerning my education and explore different types of studies in further depth, for example, Philosophy, History, Psychology and subjects relating to my personal interest.
A friend of mine that currently studies Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Maastricht referred me to this specific study , and I developed a great deal of interest towards it for its wide variety of course material. The opportunity to personalize my own curriculum would definitely motivate me to practice my personal interests in further detail and I would like to gain the experience that will help me along the way.
I know that Maastricht would be a great place to live in because it will give me the chance to share my knowledge and ideas with people from other cultures as well as to benefit personally from the multicultural atmosphere (something I would consider having limitations in Jordan). Maastricht seems like a beautiful and historical city and that is merely what I have seen from photos, being there would be a total different experience. The idea of faculties being placed individually across the city is an interesting concept to me since my encounters, visiting and studying in universities of Jordan, are usually placed in a specific building or area and I am excitingly looking forward to a new and wide perspective of education and traveling.
I am ambitious, optimistic, and motivated in a very realistic way and focused to reach and accomplish all my goals. I would be pleased if the University of Maastricht could provide me with the facilities to bring me a big step closer to a successful future.
I hope this letter will be given your full consideration and I will be happy to provide any further information you may require.

Looking forward to your positive response

Best Regards,

Razan Bashiti