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Thread: proofreading!

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    Exclamation proofreading!

    Hi everybody,

    This is part of my research and would you please help me for editing.

    this is the text:

    In recent years, English spread throughout the world. And it becomes the language of the science , technology, religion and business.* Many books translated into English language( I want to put this idea but I don't know how), and it is the official language in many Arabian countries.
    In education, English language becomes the compulsory subject in Arabs schools. In Saudi Arabia, English consider as a foreign language and it is taught at various levels, in both governmental and private schools. And it is taught by Saudi teachers. The primary governmental school's books designed to focus mostly on the alphabetical, numbers , vocabulary, and how to start a conversation and how to end it. But in the middle and secondary governmental school's books designed to focus on reading, writing, listening, speaking , vocabulary, some grammar rules. In the writer view, all the students who studies in the governmental school from the primary till the secondary school have just learned a general view of English language.
    When the students attended the highest education as a college and university they obliged to study English in the Preparatory year, which divided into four levels in Intensive English program.
    After all these years of studying students still commit a lot of mistakes; spelling, pronunciation, grammar, writing, and so on. In this paper we will focus on the most common errors in writing, especially; in English prepositions usage.
    Because of the concern of how to teach English as a foreign language in Saudi Arabia, and the numerous mistakes that the students commit; this topic takes the attentions of most Arab researchers in recent years. So, in this research the writer will provide some mistakes commit by female learners of English at level six in King Abdul-Aziz University, and to find out the reasons behind these mistakes.
    Objective of The Study:
    The present study is expected to achieve these objectives,
    _ To investigate the common errors in using prepositions in writing.
    _ To find out the reasons behind doing these mistakes.
    _ To examine the student's background about prepositions and their achievement of what they have learned.
    _ To provide some solutions for learners to avoid these mistakes.
    Questions of The Study:
    · Does the Arabic language influence the students…..
    · Does the highest education try to make it less
    · How to make these mistakes less is there any solution

    Prepositions in English:
    Prepositions are important part of speech like pronouns. And they are not just simple words that introduce a prepositional phrase such in the room, from the top, but they have other specific uses the writer will show them later. And sometimes they act as other part of speech like adverbs. Also they can combine with the verb to create a new meaning.
    Prepositions are the most difficult part of speech for the non-native speaker even for the advanced learners of English. Because they perform so many complex roles. So, the writer will proved the common errors that the students commit and find out the main reasons that cause this difficulties.
    First, we should know the definition of the prepositions. Gopalakrishanan define the preposition as a word used with a noun or a pronoun to show how the person or the thing denoted by it stands in relations to something else. It expresses the relation between one part of the sentence to another word.
    Kind of prepositions:
    Prepositions can be classified as the following:
    1. Simple.
    2. Compound or complex.
    Simple prepositions:
    The simple prepositions is a prepositions which consist of one word as at, in, out, from, with, through, etc.
    · She puts the book on the table.
    Compound prepositions:
    The preposition which is more than one word, as in front of, because of, etc.
    He did not go to university because of his grades.

    Thank you so much

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    Re: proofreading!

    Consider using the present perfect: it has spread, and has become.... etc. Other than this it is quite well written. Note: prepositions are AN important part of speech.

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    Re: proofreading!

    And please do not post the same thing more than once. I am closing this thread.

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