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    For the unexpected and gripping effect

    This writing is too abstract to understand, can someone explain what the underlined means? I can't even get the rough idea of the whole writing.

    ex)In Eisenstein's The General Line, a tractor is seen crashing through the fences that cup up a field into a number of holdings. The scene is inteded to convey symbolically that the tractor, the emblem of modern agriculture, enforces collectivism. This idea, however, not of a very high grade artistically because the episode that is shown simply makes a concrete scene of an abstract notion, regardless of whether it is likely to occur in reality. In a "naturalistic" film any symbolic scene must be so planned that it not only makes this implicit meaning visible in a comprehensible manner, but also fits smoothly into the action and the world depicted in the film.
    For the unexpected and gripping effect is produced mainly by disclosing the congruence of two themes which are fraught with meaning inherently and independently of each other.
    In the Einsenstein example, one of the two themes is sacrificed to the other, and the congruence is achieved artificially. There is something contrived about using a tractor to crash the fences.

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    Re: For the unexpected and gripping effect

    Pretty hard to help you with this one, keannu. Setting aside the vocabulary, understanding it requires at least a little knowledge of farming, politics, law, and history. The writing is succinct enough but, in order to understand the total concept, you'll need to have a good understanding of each and every word, and some of these words are tough ones!

    Best, in my opinion, to get help from an expert on filmmaking- preferrably in your native language. That person could cite specific examples to make the explanation easier and more clear.

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