There is plenty a way to entertainted ourselves. Do you prefer book? what book do you want to read? What's goal by reading book?.Just want to pass a time? education? increase knowledge?. I said dont buy book if you just want to waste your money. Buy book for a reason !.Don't buy it just because it's a trend. Do you prefer movies? what movies do you want to watch? there's a plenty movies out there. Don't buy dvd or Bluray movies cause it's on a top ten watch list. Top ten does'nt mean you will like it.View a trailer first. In this way You will not disppointed after you buy. Do you prefer listening on music?. What music do you like?. Buy music that worth to buy.

Sometime We prefer reading a book rather than watching Movies or Tv. Here are the benefit from reading a book :
For Brain. It's train our brain not to forget. Dont trust me? Try reading the whole month.
Reducing stress. A good book with a good word will make you more relax.
Prevent from Alzheimer decease. By reading book our brain continously get stimulate by word. According research that I read can stimulate brain cell and reduce memory loss.
Reading Became our natural clock for sleep. When you read before you sleep, the body will adjust automatically. After you read our body will react and felt asleep. It's work for me.