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    As ways and means

    Dear all, I am reading a text from an American author and I am having problems to find the meaning of a sentence which I believe is an American idiom.

    "my estranged husband was functioning as ways and means"

    Could anyone please explain the meaning of as way and means in this context? Or maybe present me with a reliable website where I can research American idioms?

    Thanks so much

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    Re: As ways and means

    It is difficult to tell without more context. It could mean that he was providing finacial support for her.

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    Re: As ways and means

    The sentence doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

    "Ways and means" does have a special meaning in the US. It is the name of the most powerful committee in the US House of Representatives, responsible for all taxation and many other programs.

    United States House Committee on Ways and Means - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I believe the origin is that the committee has power over the way things were done (i.e. spending gov't money) and the means by which they were funded (i.e. taxes and other revenue).

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