Hi! I am writing this essay for my degree, and I ask your help to make it correct. Thanks.


In my essay I made a research about the young unemployed workers. The main motivations to write this research were the entrant young person’s employment problems and difficulties, and the high number of the unemployed entrant youthfuls in the labour market. I analyzed the youth’s labour-market condition, their helping programs, and I put proposals for changes which we have to make to reduce the youthful unemployment. The essay focusing on Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County where the proportion of the unemployment was high in the latter years.

In the first part of my essay I used secondary informations and I examined the labour market of the past years. In the second part I used primer examinations. I made a casework of an international company's trainee programs, and I made interviews with young entrants, who are trainees in Bosch. I examined the trainee programs with the help of the Robert Bosch Ltd’s colleagues and I made conclusions from that.

In my essay I strived to find the best ways between the school and the work. According to my research the prevention is the principal treatment method of the unemployment.. Furthermore important the harmonization of the labour-market and the education systems, the expansion to build personal connection systems.

Therefore I think the spread of the trainee programs are very important, because this is the best way of the work-socialization, the self-employment and to have experience in the labour market during the studies.