In the last 2 days I checked this forum and I saw that the replies at the queries were very good. Could you please help me with the correction of this letter and some advices? I know it is a long thing, so I thank already for the help.


My name is ... and I am a geologist, graduate of University “...”of ... and currently working as ... for the company .... I am writing this letter to express my interest in your MSc in Petroleum Geoscience.

Since .... I am working in the Oil&Gas field as ML... and DE.... Do to this job experience I learned a lot of useful things about petroleum geology and drilling and I want to go much deeper with my knowledge because this field is fascinating me.
I like to work in this industry because it requires lot of responsibilities. The DE...job is a very complex work activity, one of the main responsibility being the recognition of underbalanced well situations and avoiding destructive incidents like the one of Deepwater Horizon from the Golf of Mexico in 2010. In 2009 I was able to notice a similar situation in it’s primer phase, gave the alarm so that nobody from the rig was hurt and the well was easier to control.
During college I got involved in many different activities, focusing my research since the second year of university in Paleontology. This sustained work gave me lot of rewards, such as: a 2nd prize at the 4th National Symposium of the Geologist Student, ...., an Erasmus scholarship at the...., .... and perfect score of ‘10’ on my final thesis on “Contribution to the .....”.
I am an easy going and ambition person, and I have achieved a flexibility working with people of different cultures and nationalities, in different types of environment (offshore, onshore). I am also capable of working individually.
My fluency in English and Italian has provided me with the ability to assimilate easily into my job surroundings.

I am applying for the MSc in Petroleum Geoscience because I know that this is the best way to acquire the know-how to enter a very rewarding and interesting professional path as a Petroleum Geoscientist, a profession that has a key role of unlocking the world’s remaining hydrocarbon resources, and also to maximise recovery from the oil and gas fields already discovered.
One of my goals is to work in an integrated team and locate traps for large oil and gas reserves, like the newest giant high quality gas reservoir found by ENI in Mozambique.

The global demand for hydrocarbons is expected to increase as developing countries industrialize and it is known that future oil reserves will be found in challenging high cost environments, that require the most innovative technology to explore and more people with expertise in Petroleum Geoscience to reduce the exploration risk by improving understanding of the rocks and fluids in the subsurface.

I’ve choose to apply to .... not only for the reputation for excellence of your institution, but also because this MSc program is recognised as one of the top in the world in this area.
I know that this MSc will very demanding and it will require lots of work, but I like to be challenged and I am extremely motivated.

Yours sincerely,