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    Dear teacher,

    A/ Would you please tell me the difference between :

    1) The cat is a domestic animal. (= the whole species)
    2) A cat is a domestic animal. (= one among that species?)

    B/ When do you say :

    1) Prime Minister Tony Blair (may I have a sentence as an example, please?)

    2) The Prime Minister Tony Blair (went to France last May ?).

    Thanks a lot,

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    Re: article

    A/ looks good. As for B/,

    Prime Minister Tony Blair
    President George Bush
    Moderator tdol.

    The Prime Minister (,)Tony Blair (,)
    The President (,) George Bush (,)
    The moderator (,) tdol (,)

    Note that, the commas are optional. With commas, the phrase reads, "The Prime Minister, who by the way is (called) Tony Blair, . . . .

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