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Time Is a Thief
Personally, for me, enjoyable opportunities come and go. But rarely are they thrown directly in front of me to be appreciated for the sweet sensation of pleasure. Neither are they reconstructed to be as fulfilling as the past. Now that I think about it, there is always an alteration that limits the recreation of enjoyment. Most importantly, I ask myself, “Why was it not as fun as last time?” As humanely as possible, I sacrifice limitless effort to relive moments that have carved the very pleasure into my life, but in turn I come to realize what time has made of me; someone else. In any case, there is only one deduction that comes to mind; time is the cloaked thief that robs each and every one of us whether we are aware of it or not. Unfortunately, time has not only robbed what I don’t have but what I had; my youth.
Without doubt, my childhood reflects the most valuable and gratifying moments of my long-adventure filled sixteen years of existence on this planet. There were moments that I regret, but in general, it was a carefree childhood. Although I cannot recreate my entire childhood, I can feel and reason the value of every single moment. However, that does not surmount the authentic pleasure of each moment as if reality were to give me the opportunity to relive those moments. With this in mind, I can only enjoy my childhood once, and if I don’t, time will take it away forever.
Chicago, Illinois is the Windy City, but to me it is my hometown, my passion, and my roots. As a child, I would enjoy playing outside without motif. In spite of the time of day, most of my hours would be spent outside. I can still remember my childish routine. Where I would wake up and sprint outside where my friends were anxiously waiting for me. With my friends, I rode my bike, climbed trees and played all sorts of whacky games best suited for the moment. In brief, no matter what I played outside, I was amused and simply entertained. However, if I were to go outside right now and play “Tag” or “Hide-and-seek”, I would not be as amused. Time has not only taken my physical abilities of climbing trees and running around for long periods of time, but it has taken the thrill and pleasure out of those moments. In other words, I can never recreate those moments that I had experienced as a child.
Games are a huge part of any child’s life. For me, games were a big deal, since there was nothing to do when the weather outside was cold. As a result of it being cold outside, my friends and I would sit inside and play videogames all day. The great parts about this, there were no interruptions and we could play without wearing ourselves out. No matter what game I played, it entertained me. There were also board games, which consumed a lot of time but I had the time to invest in playing Monopoly for five straight hours. Games were fun back then when I was almost pleased by anything either than school work. Eventually, as I grew up, I realized that games were a huge waste of time since in the end all I got in return was a bad pair of eyes. Playing videogames right now would lead to an enormous disaster. Besides the fact that my parents would be yelling at me, I would not enjoy playing games for longer than 30 minutes. Once again, time has robbed that unseen pleasure and luxury of enjoying indoor-games that I once possessed as a child.
My childhood schedule was simple. My days would begin as expected of a child. I would wake up to the satisfaction of my sleep. Time did not matter, so I showered until the water ran cold and my skin began to prune from the constant moisture. When I wondered into the dining room, a gigantic breakfast awaited me. Without constantly staring at the clock, I devoured the food until my stomach could not take in anymore food. After eating, I had nothing else left to do or worry about. As a result, I continued enjoying the day without a plan. Eventually, time took away the simplicity of life from me. Currently, my schedule is hectic. I am expected to wake up at 6:00 A.M and if I get lucky I can shower for 10-15 minutes, otherwise I am rushed so I won’t miss the bus. After showering, I have to eat cereal under 5 minutes every day of the week. When I’m done eating cereal, I have to sprint to the bus stop to make it on time. From there, the rest of my day consists of school. As boring as it sounds, the other half of the day I spend studying and completing homework. If I were to follow my childhood schedule, not only would my grades drop but I would disappoint all of my friends and family members that believed in me. Therefore, it is time that stole the simplicity of my childhood, and there is no possible way I can relive this schedule without suffering the consequences.
In the end, time steals away all of the opportunities you get in your life if you don’t take advantage of them when they come. Likewise, every moment I’ve experienced has been unique since time has hogged the pieces of a particular moment to be identical to another. As a result of time, I can no longer enjoy long-fulfilling sleeps, nor can I spend my time objectiveless during the day. Believe it or not, my childhood can never be relived and if I were to enjoy the carefree moments of my childhood, I would not receive the authentic-lively feeling as I had as a child. And so, time robbed me.