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    inspired writings

    How can music, a peice of poem or art inspire us to write, do these stuff have an impact in developing the writing craft,,,,???

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    Lightbulb Re: inspired writings

    I'm almost mad about poetry, I doubted that I could write properly in a English for months before taking the decision, starting and attending workshops with mentors and native speaker who truthfully added so much to my self-esteem.

    I consider novels, books, music important tools to develop any language, they widen our own perspective of things, add vocabularies and of course inspire immensely.

    This is one of my formatted pieces I wrote because I'm much impressed by Edif Piaf, though my french is very very poor, still I fully grasp the lyrics in English

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    Smile Re: inspired writings

    of course, art is inspiring. I'm a music freak! music is everything and when I listen to one, it's just like I'm flying.
    enery single time I listen to music, I can write better, think better and of course I can live better. a life without music -or any kinds of art- is meaningless!!!

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