Hello forum,

I would like to work with the following extract out of a CNN report:

Guus Hiddink has stepped down as Turkey coach after his side failed to qualify for the Euro 2012 finals.

The Turkish football federation says it has reached a mutual agreement to end the former Chelsea manager's contract, which was due to expire next summer.

Turkey lost 3-0 on aggregate to Croatia after a 0-0 draw in the second leg of the play-offs on Tuesday.

Hiddink, 65, took on his fifth national team role in August 2010 and oversaw Turkey's second-placed Group A finish.

Hiddink had previously led the Netherlands, South Korea, Australia and Russia, plus club sides including PSV Eindhoven, Real Madrid and Chelsea.

OK, so far the text. It will be given to a young student to enhance his text comprehension. There will be some unfamilar vokabulary in the text but he should be able to understand the core of it quite well.

My questions regarding the text:

Turkish football federation (not Turkish Football Federation?)

Is the following statement right (also grammatically)?

If Guus Hiddink had qualified for the Euro 2010, he would have stayed coach of Turkey's football team.

Summary: After Guus Hiddink missed to qualify for the Euro 2012, he had to quit his
job as national trainer of Turkey's football team.

Thank you for your time and your assessment of my own analysis.