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    Possessive v. titles

    Please note that I am not a teacher. I am a manager of an orchestra. My question relates to titles when they include the possessive. Should the apostrophe be used? i.e. the title is "Welsh Composers Showcase". Should it be "Welsh Composers' Showcase" or should Composers not have an apostrophe? Similar to, for example, a pub called "Travellers Rest" or an exibition called "Musical Instruments Exibition".

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Byron Jenkins

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    Re: Possessive v. titles

    You are (1) the manager of an orchestra, (2) an orchestra manager, or (3) the XXXton Symphony Orchestra's manager. We could use 's in: an orchestra's manager must have a good relationship with the players - here we are speaking of the role of manager of one orchestra. In (2). 'orchestra manager' is a similar construction to 'bus driver', 'airline pilot'.

    In your examples. the showcase does not belong to the composers; it is as much a showcase for them as of them - no apostrophe. Similar the 'rest' is not a possesession of the travellers; the pub offers a rest(ing place) to/for travellers. - no apostrophe. The same holds for "Musical Instruments Exhibition".

    Not everybody will agree with my opinion. There are occasionally discussions among teachers as to whether each of the books used by our students is a Student's Book, a Students' Book or a Students Book.

    Don't worry too much about it. It won't matter what you write - somebody will telll you that you are wrong.

    ps. Welcome to the forum.

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