“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world!”
I have always been fascinated by the application of technology for the betterment of our lives. Shaping it into a reality requires skills and combined knowledge of engineering as well as management. Hence I believe that technology in combination with management is what it takes for a vision to excel. I believe engineering management will define a way to my dreams and goal of a career of being an entrepreneur in the field of technology back in my country where the use of technology for betterment is not at its maximum.
Surrounding of a child plays a very important role in carving the interest of a child. In my early school days I used to listen to audio cassettes played in a stereo tape recorder. Having understood the difference between Mono & Stereo recording, I tried my hands on converting two cassettes of Stereo recordings into one cassette of Mono recording by using LEFT & RIGHT channels as a separate channel. Various such experiments in my childhood inclined me towards technical things. Consistent good scores in science and mathematics along with the curious and analytical aptitude, I chose science as my higher school studies.
The reason for opting electronics and telecommunication as undergraduate studies is its vast interdisciplinary course outline. It gave me exposure to different subjects like digital signal processing, integrated circuit application, computer networks, digital communication, system programming and operating systems. During my undergraduate studies I got opportunity to perform various lab practices in the field of electronics and communication. This was the place where learned various techniques of applying the theoretical knowledge into reality and also the importance of team work and how it helps in fulfilling the objective.
During my under graduate studies, I became a student member of IEEE and its various societies v communication, circuits and system and consumer electronics to keep myself updated with the latest change in modern technologies. In my third year I was elected as a chairman of IEEE student’s chapter of our college. Due to my sociable nature and art of interacting with people, developed through exposure to various culture and traditions of different parts of India during my schooling & coaching in various cities, I was able to take up such a huge responsibility. During my tenure, we organized the national level technical event “Perception” which counted around 9000 footsteps from India. This event gave me tremendous exposure in terms of:
- Approaching sponsors, convincing them for the participating, and raising maximum funds for a event. Entire event was financed by sponsors with no other Aid.
- Managing the event by forming various teams, consisting of fresher, sophomores and even my senior mates, allocating them duties and materialize proper implementation of allocated work, fulfilling logistics and technical requirements during event, Stay facility for outstation members in college hostel.
- Interaction with the participants, professors from different universities and corporate professionals. The successful organization of the event taught me importance of team work and how interdisciplinary approach can be utilized in achieving a goal.
My aim of pursuing engineering management was further strengthen during my third year where we had a subject on industrial management which exposed me to various theories of total quality management, convergence of technology, system dynamic modeling software-Stella and information integrity. In my current year, my choice of elective was electronic system design where I would learn stages in product design such as market survey, R&D and prototypes, environmental testing, documentation, reliability. I am sure that these subjects will serve as a strong foundation for engineering management.
It was after a good amount of brain storming that I decided on a program, which has been designed to emphasize on both technology and management, would be an appropriate for me. I believe that engineering management would serve as a catalyst between what I am and what I want to be. Now with the good experience, fair technical background, I intend to become a techno commercial entrepreneur and work in my country India where there is huge scope for development and penetration of technology. I can use my learnt skills to form a team of efficient people from various fields, making a team stronger by sharing knowledge among the members and enhance overall efficacy. Looking at these aspects I believe engineering management to be an appropriate solution to it.
An international master's degree from <university name> would be a value addition to me in terms of achieving my goal. I find the program very useful as it gives student to choose among different subjects as per his interest. Apart from these a chance to meet prestigious professors and students with burning ambition would in itself be a useful learning and more importantly gaining wisdom. I am confident about the fact that once I complete my graduation I will be well armed in order to achieve my goal.