Hi teachers,

I've got a story but I don't understand the underlying meaning. Would you be able to explain and share your views about this story? Thanks soooo much.

Once upon a time in China, there was a man who helped train chickens (to fight). He was, at the time, helping a rich man to train his chickens. The training had only begun for about a fortnight when the rich man's servant came and asked about the training.
"Oh! The chickens can strike a fierce pose now, but there's something missing." He told the servant. Another fortnight later, the servant came again. THis time he came just at the right time.
Yes, they are really fierce now. Once they walk into the arena, they will strike a really fierce pose, and once the enemy comes, they will be scared of your chickens, as from a distance, your chickens will look as if they were carved out of stone!" The man exclaimed.

What do you think of this story? Any underlying meaning in it? Thanks soooo much for advising, teachers