We should pay attention to the opinions of famous people. agree or disagree?

Some people think that we should pay attention to the opinions of well-known people while others disagree with it. In my point of view, the opinions of famous people really deserve to be paid attention for some considerable reasons.
First of all, famous people are known for their abilities which make them different from others. I mean that most famous people are scientists, writers, actors, singers etc. And of course they have special abilities which make them so popular. These people, most of whom are really well educated usually say some excellent quotes. And I think that because these people are really keen on their major, their quotes which show their opinions are really worth paying attention which inspire us to study harder.
Secondly, I can tell from my experience that most of these famous people were usually not very rich from their birth. However, they have strong feeling that one day they can see their dreams come true and achieve their goals by working hard. The ones who succeed are amazing examples for us whose life stories encourage us to do our best in order to achieve our goals. That is why I think that the opinions of these people which can be learnt from their quotes are really good examples which challenge us to believe that we can get a lot by working hard.
As a result, I think that although some people think that there is no need to pay attention to the opinions of famous people, I think that they are really inspirational and worth paying attention.