Topic: Some students prefer to study at a university with thousands of students while others prefer a small university where only hundreds of students are studying. Which one do you prefer?

Nowadays some students enjoy studying at a university where tens of thousands of students are studying while others prefer smaller ones where only hundreds of students are studying. I think that small colleges and universities are much better than larger ones for some reasons.
First of all, in my point of view studying in a small college or university is more comfortable than larger ones. I mean if the number of the students in each class is not too many, they will do much better in their studying. For example, discussions with fewer students are more effective, because each of them has enough time to speak. Although when there are a lot of students during the discussion, the lessons are more interesting as there are various opinions suggested by a lot of students, I think this prevents some shy students from getting involved in the discussion.
Secondly, small universities or colleges are really convenient not only for the academic performance of students, but they are also comfortable for their living. I mean that living in the campus of small colleges is really quiet. And the students will not have to waste time in queues or while parking their cars. And I also think if there not many students at the university, students are less likely to organize parties which are really useless in my point of view. I mean that when there are a lot of students almost every week a lot of parties or contests are held in which so many students are involved. However at smaller colleges there are fewer active students which like to make parties or contests which are not related to their studying.
For all these reasons that I mentioned above, I think that smaller colleges and universities are much better for students which are really amazing for them to concentrate on their studying