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    Smile Bloody United Nations

    Hello. I don't understand the underlined sentence in the context.
    Please help!! Thank you.

    "Bingo!" yelled Terrence and Gaz gives out a really nasty laugh.
    "Bloody United Nations just swam in. What you monkeys doing hanging around my gaff?"
    Then Terrence reaches down and ripe Mohammed's hat off his head.
    "Mate, we're being overrun. Hundreds of'em and you muppets," he points what looks like a flick knife at me and Kim and Steven, "should be thingking about your own people instead of hanging around with this scum."

    (Mohammed is an illegal immigrant from Iraq and "me" and my friends are hiding him.
    Here Terrence and Gaz are bad guys who always bully the weak.)

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    Re: Bloody United Nations

    It is a very offensive, racist way of referring to a group of people who come from different ethnic backgrounds.

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