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    Past Perfect Simple or Past Simple?

    I have found the following in a textbook:

    "We went to the hotel you recommended and it was very pleasant."
    "The food at the hotel wasn't so good, as you warned us, but we strolled down to the city centre and had a meal there."

    My question is regarding the subordinating clauses "you recommended" and "as you warned us." I would assume they ought to be in the past perfect simple tense which is what I would also have used in speech or writing but the textbook dictates otherwise.

    If I am wrong then I would kindly ask for an explanation as to why I am using the past simple tense when it in fact happened earlier than the rest of the narrative (which is still in the past).

    Thank you!
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    Re: Past Perfect Simple or Past Simple?

    When the time sequence is clear, we often do not use the past perfect. It would be fine where you expect it, but it is also acceptable without,

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