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Thread: price/worth

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    What's the difference between the price of sth and the worth of it?

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    Re: price/worth

    That's almost a philosophical question, rather than a language one.

    The price is the dollar figure that is agreed upon in a market for the exchange of goods for cash. Depending on circumstances, the price of a transaction may be different than its "worth" in a free market with no outside influences.

    There usually are other influences. I may be forced to sell items i own for less than they are "worth" if i have a need for quick cash. Airports and sporting venues are notorious for selling food for a much higher price than it is worth, but they have the advantage of having a "captive audience" for their goods.

    The worth can also mean how much an individual person esteems an item. There may be something that I value more than another person. To me its worth is higher than what another person may think.

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