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    About English writing syllabus

    Dear English teachres,

    I am a new English teacher, which has been assigned to teach an English writing course. The course is basically for Aisan undergraduate (English major) students in 20 hours (2 hours per week, 10 weeks for a semester). Because I have never had such experience, could anybody suggest good textbooks or share comprehensive syllabi for reference generously? I really need the help in order to get some clue. Thank you very much for your time.


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    Re: About English writing syllabus

    since the course you're teaching at only takes 20 hours, you should look into lexical approach material. This approach (by Michael Lewis) focuses on word group formations which shape the language... you should also check out books made by Betty Shrampfer Azar books for sound grammar reference.

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    Re: About English writing syllabus

    Dear Moret,

    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    I think I made a mistake. The course name could be English composition rather than English writing since it is offered to 2nd year undergraduates. I supposed that they have already had English grammar course in teir first year. And it is a courses for 2 smesters so the length of the course sould be 40 hours in total. So in addition to the ones you just intruduced, do you have other suggestions? Thanks very much!


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