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    Cool Meaning of the word "register" in different contexts (my first post)


    I thought I'd give such a forum a try. I like studying English on my own, but sometimes I feel it'd be helpful to ask some of the stuff from a native speaker. I'm sure most of my questions are going to be such that almost any native English speaker could answer them but surely English teachers are fine too if you have the time for them ^^.

    Anyway, on to my little question: what would the word "register". Mean in the following sentence "... [the movie] had such a strong moral register."

    Does he mean that he himself registered the movie with a strong moral feeling?

    Also I tried to look through some web dictionaries, what would this mean:
    A state of proper alignment: to be in register."

    Proper alignment with what? Harmony with the universe type of thing?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Meaning of the word "register" in different contexts (my first post)

    Register | Define Register at

    Welcome to the forum!

    Check number 7 under the "World English Dictionary" entry.

    It's a musical term meaning the "tone" of a voice.

    Basically, the author is saying that the movie projected a strong moral tone.

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