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    Re: Break A Leg

    Quote Originally Posted by Esraa el rashidy View Post
    This phrase dates back to the 1920's and is superstition against wishing an actor good luck. Many people think the origin comes from when in 1865 John Wilkes Booth, who was an actor, broke his leg while leaping to kill President Linoln during a play at the Ford's Theatre. But, this does not really seem like it is related to good luck. Some stage actors think it has to do with bending your knee when you bow, like at the end of a successful play.
    There are many theories, which are covered in the link above.

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    Re: Break A Leg

    Of course, it's on the Wikipedia, my bad. Thanks for the link. I've been writing an article about phrases and idioms people say to other people before they go for some difficult challenge. May the force be with you, break a leg, all those sayings. Thanks again guys for the help.


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