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    Exclamation Question about your exercise !

    Hi,Today i got the exercise Present simple or progressive,and my student asked me why in the sentence It _____ me at the moment.I can use either worries or is worring.
    And also in the sentence He____silly questions.I can use also use either always asks or is always asking.
    but in the sentence I_____ a lot of progress at the moment.I can only use am making,i cant use either am making or make.

    I got the answers from your site and i got confused when i had to explain to my students


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    Post Re: Question about your exercise !

    Present simple or progressive

    1. It _____ me at the moment. worries or is worring.
    The difference is whether the action is temporary or permanent.
    I think it is better to use (is worring) because the situation is temporary.

    2. He____silly questions. always asks or is always asking are both fine answers.
    Sometimes, we use the adverb always in progressive from to express annoyance.

    3. I_____ a lot of progress at the moment. am making
    In this example, the speaker is talking about a temporary situation.

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